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Holy Alliance


Holy Alliance started out as Deadly Crusaders, and has been around since WoW Vanilla. We are one of the oldest guilds on Fenris.

We have always kept our guild as a small to mid-level guild, mainly because we didn’t want our membership to be so big as to lose the closeness of members. Large guilds tend to treat members as just another number to bolster their ranks, canon fodder. With us, we want all members to feel “at home", and communicate freely with one another, helping out those that need it.

We are always on the lookout for those seeking a guildhome. It doesn’t matter what class, race, level your character is, or your playstyle, with us you are welcome into the family!



Our Mission


We don’t strive to be the biggest and baddest guild on the server, to always be the first to get world achievements, etc. We want all our members to understand the mechanics of the game, the lore of what is happening and why, and to be a close knit group working in unison towards a common goal – End Game!

We don’t pressure players to run PVE or PvP content and maintain certain ilvl equipment. We will help you progress thru the various raids, get equipment you need to progress, help you level your professions. When major patches or new expansions are announced by Blizz, we will endeavor to let members know, and to share our knowledge of what to expect, working with members to prepare for their release. The true knowledge of the game, as well as the most valued rewards, are what is learned along the way to End Game, not by skipping over content just to be first!



Ideal Candidates


We don’t care if you are a raider, thrive on battlegrounds, thrill to the excitements of arenas, or a dungeon junkie! All are welcome and encouraged to continue with what you enjoy most in your playstyle. You may even find that multiple playstyles are your thing as well! We don’t care what class, race, level or expertise you are in gameplay. We will help you with whatever you need.

What we are looking for are those that are committed to loyalty and dedication to their guild family. We have members that have been with the guild for more than 4 years, and many others that ultimately return to Holy Alliance after a year or so. Some people just need to taste the sour fruit in order to appreciate the sweetness of it!

We provide many tools for our members to socialize and become a close knit group, and encourage all members to take advantage. We have our guild website, which includes a member forum, as well as hints and tips pages for valuable information on the game. We provide a voice server for players to talk with one another, to co-ordinate dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arenas, or just to socialize. We try to have monthly contests for members, to break up the monotony and frustrations of gameplay. There are general guild meetings where all members are invited to meet with the guild officers and submit comments, suggestions, and concerns. A weekly guild newsletter to let members know what’s going on. But these are only beneficial if you take advantage of them, and the only way to take advantage is to register on our guild website.

So, if you are interested in joining, you can always send an ingame mail request to me, Mordralis (on Fenris/Dragonblight servers). Be sure to include your Battletag ID number and times you are generally on.




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